The New ASRock AMD B450 Motherboards Hit The Market With Full Of Surprise!

The leading global motherboard manufacturer, ASRock, proudly introduce the new motherboard lineup for AMD's B450 chipset, the new products improves in almost every way on its already powerful predecessor, the B350. ASRock is bringing all those improvements – and more – to users with this powerful new AMD B450 motherboard range.

Fatal1ty B450 Gaming K4, Funky Kit: Value

X470 Taichi, Funky Kit: Recommended

Fatal1ty H370 Performance, OverClocked inside: Price Tip

Fatal1ty B360 Gaming K4, Tech Testers: Smart Buy

X470 Taichi, TweakTown: Best Quality

Fatal1ty X470 Gaming K4, Clube do Hardware: Recommended

X470 Taichi, Clube do Hardware: Recommended

Fatal1ty B360M Performance, Exclusive Choice

AB350M Pro4, TechPowerUp: Highly Recommended / Great Value

Fatal1ty X470 Gaming K4, Plata

X470 Taichi, HW Legend: Best Buy

Fatal1ty X470 Gaming K4, ReHWolution: Gold

X470 Master SLI, ReHWolution: Gold

  Would love to try one of your motherboards someday志明韦
  this would look good with my ASRock Mother boardCain Marko
  My next build will be an AMD & ASrock mobo and Graphics Card!miyagi ryota
  Looks pretty nice1idd0kun
  Great! Thumbs up! So you can make motherboards and GPUsCMD Def